Operation Mithril Dragon

After bribing their way past the guards, they make their way into the dusty chaos of the capitol city of Tyr. Inside the gate they are met by a friendly pair of locals, a dwarf and an elf, but the group only recognizes them as a dwarf and a short woman with fae features. They may have been roped into a job, perhaps mistaken for someone else. El and Thorin lead them through the maze of alleys to a market for lunch before the security job. As usual, the party ends up in a tavern.

While Thorin heads out to set up the shipment they are escorting, the party relaxes and drinks, even though they are immune to the effects of alcohol. While they talk idly, Barry receives an alert from the ship and goes outside to find out what’s up. The ship has detected a spatial anomaly in the asteroid belt, a wormhole in fact. Barry orders a probe to investigate and heads back inside.

Finally the party heads out together with the shipment, Thorin starts out singing some Dwarven songs, then Barry takes over, humming some Earth classical. As they’re walking Thorin drops his psionic disguise and reveals himself as a halfling (a miniature human or child to the Earthlings) named Leaf. With a minor disruption of surprise, their journey is almost uninterrupted by this revelation. Although when Effy attempts a telepathic probe, everyone gets a slight sensation of pressure on their heads, but most don’t think much of it. Until she begins attempting to experiment with her new powers. Including giving their new friends visions of Earth.

During a short midday break, Effy accidentally flings Leaf across the camp area when he provokes her with a few offhand words. Barry’s response to draw a weapon is noticed only by a few, including El. In response, Leaf strikes Effie dumb. In response, Oldammara takes control of Effie shortly thereafter to resolve the situation and restore his sole devotee to functioning order.

Many shenanigans and much walking later, they arrive at a stopping point in their trip for the day.


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