Operation Mithril Dragon

The party lets Effy get some extra rest and moves on with her in the portable hole, heading toward the ZPE lab. Barry hums a dramatic tune as he takes point on the two mile corridor to the next building. Kristolf and Johann begin hacking the door while Barry pulls security. After a few minutes of panicked hacking and security alarms, they bypass the buildings security and Barry moves in cautiously while the others look for terminals.

They attempt to hack various consoles and search for anything useful, then plan a route through the building. Their first stop is the strange materials weapons lab where they encounter a strange alien wearing a collar. After a tense standoff in which the alien gets gooed to the ceiling, they eventually decide to let it loose. Then Barry is attacked by some sort of invisible Fallen.

When Johann blasts him with holy light, an injured Barry rolls and manages to tag the attacker with several Tangler rounds. Johann prevents it from casting with a silence spell. They pin him in place but his blades extend, pinning Barry’s injured leg to the floor. His allies eventually kill it, although it severs his leg until Johann reattaches it. Although the spider alien initially flees, it returns.

It’s a little over two hours after they set out from their rest and they enlist the aid of the alien to continue their mission, with 14.5 hours gone from their 72 hour clock. They continue on their way up the building. On the way to the Quantum computing lab, they stop at the wormhole stabilization lab. The alien proves extremely adept at technology and helps them expedite information extraction. They take a sample of strange matter from the lab and store it in the hole.

Barry yells into the hole/intercom and awakens Effy, leading to a rather surprising introduction. After a short discussion, they continue upward, Creschens, their new friend manages to get them into the ZPE level without bothering to go to the command center to hack in. No prototypes are found in the lab but they manage to get all the data from the lab.

With their main objective in hand, the team moves to gather any additional info they can before beginning their extraction. Up on the Quantum computing lab, they find three prototypes the Chiss created and secure them. 56 hours remain on the mission clock while they begin a three hour download. Barry takes Bugsy and Goggles up to the failsafe room looking for a way to destroy the facility after they get what they want.

Unfortunately, they set it off, cutting their time drastically. Johann grabs as much as he can, even literally grabbing machine pieces and tossing them in the portable hole. The Failsafe is actually a giant disintegration device that slowly eliminates everything below it in the central lab structure. Bugsy teleports them out safely and they begin a hasty retreat toward their ship.

Barry manages to remove the security door from their path, more or less, and they beat feet through the physics lab. On the far side of the lab, their ship contacts them, the level of danger is escalating very quickly. Enemy units are trying to breach the ship. Barry orders it to pick them up and they notice flying enemies approach rapidly.

The team takes cover in the damaged building and waiting for them to arrive, until they see bombers approaching. The party scurries deeper inside to avoid the carpet bombing. With the ship taking fire, they head for the roof and use a Barn Swallow maneuver for an emergency extraction. Fallen fliers approach while they wait desperately and escape in the nick of time. Their vessel is damaged but flying.

As they ascend, an angel contacts Johann, offering help in exchange for possession of his body. Barry and other Barry prepare a parting gift for the Fallen during all of this. The angel Cassiel casts spells at the pursuing fallen. Attackers die and explode in angelic radiance. Once in orbit, their remaining bomb drops onto the city they just fled, so powerful they feel it at their altitude.

With the stealth systems online, they begin to make good on their escape. The ship detects portals opening on Chissa Prime’s surface and they receive new intel from home via the quantum comms. The Zengali have joined the fight and have a fleet several parsecs away for them to rendezvous with. With the crew exhausted, the team moves away under stealth.


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