Operation Mithril Dragon

With the battle cut short, Barry and Effy go to talk with the orchard’s Overseer while Johann patches up the wounded, Kristolph waiting nearby. Shortly after, they go to join Barry and Effy who are discussing the situation with the Overseer. Suddenly they notice that none of their hearts are beating, nor do they feel the need to breathe. Barry let’s Johann take over the negotiations as his blunt honesty is not going over well.

Johann learns that the capitol of the sorcerer king’s empire is 3 weeks away by local standards. He learns about local customs and values, making a small trade for some supplies, such as clothing and documentation. Barry apprises Crescence of the situation, aided by Johann after their meeting concludes. The Overseer puts them up in the bunkhouse for the night.

Effy sneaks out at night to skulk around and eventually rests on a nearby rooftop. In the morning, she helps them disguise themselves in the local clothing before they head out for the capitol, Tyr. As they are preparing to leave, they notice the Overseer spill some water. Johann realizes that he was scrying them. Their departure is somewhat less pleasant than they intended, but peaceful.

They reach the ship several miles outside the orchard safely and set out toward Tyr, parking a safe distance outside the city. The ship bounces up to orbit for their trip to the capitol, launching a probe to the asteroid belt and another to scan the local environs for asteroids and comets of value. The break down some of their duracable for tradeable ingots of metal.

The ships AI determines that exposure to the biological weapon they intended to kill the Fallen has put the human crew into some sort of organic immortality/stasis, they are now undead. The probe eventually reports back on it’s findings in the asteroid belt and detonates to send a valuable chunk of rock their way. They plan to rendezvous with the rock in a few weeks and prepare to head down to the capitol. Disguising themselves with their local clothing and some simply made swords, they walk toward the capitol.

Unfortunately they arrive at the capitol just before dusk and the gates have closed. So they stay the night in a nearby town. With two small pieces of metal, they pay their way with ease. Barry, the only one wearing his armor under his local garb, reluctantly embraces his role as muscle. With a little bribery, they make their way into Tyr.


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