Operation Mithril Dragon

Underworld of Warcraft
Orcish Intrigue AKA Starting riots and kidnapping sages

As they are planning a scouting trip to the top level of the keep, the other vampiric squad arrives to meet with them. They also learn about silver-mist traps and some of the layout of the castle to help form a plan of attack. After they depart, Ferris sneaks into the room in Mist form, apparently having been following the other team. He knows their plan to assassinate the King and inquires about the party’s mission, which somehow gets leaked during the course of conversation. He also assures them that the riots will take place as planned, kicking off around late morning.

While offering to free them Ferris also reveals that he is over 4,000 years old, having been in this world before the elves even came through the portals. In exchange for their freedom, he wants them to kill the Seers instead of killing them. For the task, he provides them with additional intel and an advanced rifle equipped with the most sophisticated optics they’ve seen so far and utilizes cased ammunition. When Botio tries to detect magic on it, he finds several painfully bright auras on it. The large rounds for the rifle will supposedly penetrate the five inch thick protective windows of the Seer’s apartments.

In spite of the fact that the Undead will try to kill them for the rest of their unlives, the party is willing to make their bid for freedom. Ferris tells them a bit about his secret organization of free vampires. There’s also the possibility that they could live in human lands, as they are more open to coexisting with undead. When they finally agree, he leaves them to complete their newly altered objective.

While they prepare to strike during the Blood Sport and subsequent riots, Botio does his best to familiarize himself with the rifle. Cerina and Faramond come up with a contingency plan, as she lacks faith in firearms and he likes stabbing things. They also come up with an exit strategy at Cerina’s prodding, as she doesn’t want to just wing it after they kill the Seers. Faramond plans to trap the room in case the other vampire team in the city comes after them. Cerina and Bel head out to scout for a tavern to meet up in after the attack, somewhere they haven’t been seen before. Bel also finally manages an inquiry about Banshee Tears, paying one thousand gold for a single hit.

Before anyone can react, Bel takes the hit and hits the floor, losing her disguise. Thinking fast, Cerina manages to bluff her way outside with an unconscious Bel, pretending to be upset and surprised. Subtly, she empathically urges her raven to go to the others for help. Seven Orcs, a Shifter, and two elves follow, eager to wail on the defenseless vampire. Cerina manages to dominate one of the Orcs stealthily, ordering him to kill the Shifter. She quickly dispatches the Elves by surprise while they hold down Bel as the Orc slashes the Shifter in half. Turning on the remaining Orcs, she sinks her fangs into one’s neck. The others flee in terror and she dispatches her minion on a suicide mission after them.

Once the Orc is dead, she piles and dismembers the bodies before departing with a stoned Bel on her shoulder. Soon after, her raven leads Faramond and Botio to her current location where she has to explain what happened. Unable to get her back to the suite in the nicer part of town, they lay low at a flop house until Bel comes out of her haze enough to get back. Shortly after dawn, they head back to their suite in the upper class part of town and make final preparations for their mission.

During the morning, an Illithid working for Ferris appears in their room to check on their progress. He also discovers some Orcs spying on them and devours their minds, learning they only knew about the traps that had been placed. He departs after Bel starts inquiring about getting her hands on drugs. Later, they set their plan into motion.

On their way up to the tower, Cerina and Botio find strange vials in their pockets suddenly. Faramond finds a strange and heavy piece of paper in his boot. None of which bare any label or instructions. Once they reach the top of the tower, they study their target and surroundings. Soon an explosion is heard in the city, denoting the start of the riots. They each dominate a guard and have them clear the top of the tower. Another explosion rings out and Botio sets up to take his first shot. The round annihilates the first Seer’s head and out the far side of the temple, through several walls in between. The inhabitants of the temple are stunned by the sudden attack, long enough for Botio to take a second shot. While a guard attempts to knock the Seer out of the way, True Strike allows Botio to hit the Seer through the guard. The guard’s chest is decimated and the Seer loses an arm. The rest of the guards swarm the Seer to protect him, slightly obscuring the third shot. The third shot went through two guards first, but to be certain of success, he keeps firing.

Down below, people finally start reacting to the shots as Botio reloads his last two rounds. The fourth shot defies the universes understanding of physics and ricochets somehow off the floor. As they hear a commotion, down inside the tower, the group moves in gas form to ensure their targets are dead. All that remains is one living guard, who triggers a Silver-mist gas trap when he sees Botio appear. With a final, up close shot, he takes a finger from each body before they depart to hamper resurrection efforts.

Drifting gaseously across town, they reach a lower class establishment to hide out and wait for Ferris. Among the magical kill markings on the rifle, 27 new ones have appeared. Bel orders some disgusting beverage made with fermented fish as the others drink regular grog. While they wait, they hear a massive horn blast signifying that the King is dead. The proprietor asks them to leave and they have little choice but to do so without further trouble while they’re trying to lie low.

Making their way through the crowded streets, they make their way towards the gates. Occasionally, someone tries to get rough and ends up worse for wear, Faramond pilfering what he can with slight of hand. They have no trouble leaving the city as the gates are basically abandoned. Once out and away a short distance, they plan their next move while they wait for Ferris. Bel wants to go anywhere with good drugs, the others want to either go to the Human or Illithid lands where they know Ferris claimed to have contacts. Faramond mentions having family they might be able to visit.

They check the vials and paper again, trying to determine their use or function. Bel readily sniffs each vial, hoping they might be some form of drugs. They test a drop from each vial on the paper, immediately noticing something beginning to appear on it. Only Bel can read it though, and it details instructions on how to mix the chemicals. With that in mind for the future, they decide to use the scroll of greater teleportation to get to the human lands.

The group changes their disguises and Bel reads the scroll to take them to Iscara, the human capital. The bar she used to know is now gone, so she heads out for another she remembers, which is now more upscale than it once was. While Cerina is ready to track down an alchemical laboratory, the others want to blend in and find a place to stay. They end up at a somewhat nice establishment that used to be one of Bel’s hangouts.

Bel is trying to find out from the concierge, where to find more drugs. Unwilling to perform another quadruple homicide for Bel in two days, Cerina heads upstairs. Faramond, would also like to avoid responsibility and heads upstairs. The concierge gives Bel some information while she argues with Botio and they soon head upstairs to clean up. Bel, Cerina, and Faramond hit the club scene to have a good time and relax while Botio goes shopping.

After a night of partying, Bel heads out with Botio to find a chemist to help them with the mystery vials and paper, hoping it will provide them some insight on what to do next. Bel looks around the lower end parts of town for old contacts that might be able to help. Soon, someone points them towards the docks to find some known as Captain Feel Good. Ultimately they do some drugs outside waiting for the Captain to finish something. They discover the vials and paper are some sort of vampirism cure, among the ingredients is a litch’s phylactery, vampire’s fang, a dryads hair and the tear of a banshee.

While they’re out and about, Cerina relaxes in the room and Faramond heads out to make contact with the local thieves guild. Which requires him to find and infiltrate the guild based on his skills, to gain entry. Once Botio and Bel return, they fill in Cerina on what they’ve learned. Faramond soon returns and gets filled in as well.

Amidst all this, Ferris reveals himself, having been watching them for some time. He wants them to hunt down a few Seer’s in training, which is a bit of a sticking point as the party wants him to carry out on his original promise before they do any more work for him. He also tries to tempt them with Banshee tears. After a few minutes, they finally convince him to set them free as promised. The experience is intensely painful on many levels and lasts for hours. The brand of their vampire masters is replaced by the mark of Wee Jas, goddess of magic and death. They also convince him to give them a little spending money before their next mission.

While Ferris doesn’t actually know where the Seer candidates are, he believes they may be in Orcish territory. Bel even convinces him to provide her with some recreational substances to help her function better. The party begins to plan, getting back to Orc territory on foot will take weeks, but they will need to get a vampire fang prior to leaving if they ever want to concoct the cure.

When Bel mentions wanting transportation to Orgrimmar, Ferris immediately teleports all of them there without warning after they remind him of the imminent opening of the Portal. He needs to return to another plane for an event that seems to coincide with the Portal opening.

The group appears in a dark alley, with a mark of Wee Jas on the wall nearby. Botio recognizes it as a secret location for followers of his deity and it takes all four of them touching the mark to open a secret passage. They travel underground to a nicely appointed chamber where they are met by acolytes. They are served refreshments while they wait and after a little while, someone of authority comes out to meet them. Here they learn what the order knows about finding the Seer trainees. They believe that the Order of the Old Gods is protecting them on a secret, unfathomable and unmapped mountain somewhere. Members of the Order of the Old Gods are purportedly highly fanatical and have a poison capsule hidden among their teeth to avoid betraying their order.

So the party sets out to acquire some supplies and hopefully find some links to their target. Bel and Faramond head to a gem shop to buy pearls for an identify spell while Cerina and Botio use the goblin gangsters little black book to track down some local debts for travel money. They manage to collect about six thousand gold, half of which they end up using to purchase a new scroll of Greater Teleportation for emergencies.

Once they identify the giant, expensive diamond, they learn it is a communication device with a Baelor from the Nine Hells. He is looking for the goblin gangster, and the party does give him a bit of a hard time. When he learns about their collections, he asks if they’ve collected any soul shards or contracts, which they haven’t. Exasperated, he gives them a bunch of blank contracts to get him some new souls before Bel hangs up on him. Afterward, the party went out to have a little fun for the night.

Underworld of Warcraft
Dustin's Vampire Campaign

A new batch of vampires has awoken in the catacombs and been inducted into the Death Dealers. An elven ranger, halfling rogue, human cleric, and elven sorcerer are paired up as a team. Cerina, an elven ranger who was with a border patrol that was ambushed. Bell, the elven sorceress, last remembers being at a party. Faramond, the halfing rogue, sent on a suicidal mission to steal an artifact of insane value. Botio, a human cleric, taken on the way out of a secret meeting. Over three months, the group is trained to use their new vampiric abilities and the changes in the world while they were asleep. Primitive revolver chambered firearms have now become somewhat common. Additionally, the Ancient Portal is now only months from opening again.

Last time the portal opened, the undead came into the world and changed the entire balance of world powers. While the gods had sent them to extinguish all life, they ultimately failed and came to a diplomatic solution with the living. Each member of the team remembers a different length of time since the portal last opened, leading them to believe some had been asleep for quite some time. Cerina, was in the catacombs for over a century while Botio was only there for 5 years. Of every 200 years between the portal opening, only months remain until it opens again.

After training, the groups pull their first assignment from a hat. They are being sent to the Searing Wastes to collect the Orcish Seers, on the far end of the lands. After a week of travel, they reach Fort Death on the southern border of the undead lands. The party first finds a tavern to explore the local party un-life and inquires about places to feed. Bell purchases an illicit human for feeding and Cerina has some as well. Afterward, they pick up some blood rations for the trip.

Heading southeast into the Portal Lands, the party continues their journey. After their food supply dwindles, they break at Booty Bay, a goblin settlement on the coast. The large walls have huge guns mounted on them, the guards claim that occasionally a Terisk comes around. The gate guard points them toward his relative who runs a gunshop, Botio and Faramond pick up some explosive rounds and some bola-shot. The shopkeep points them toward some cheap board and entertainment for the night with his remaining fingers.

The party finds a sleazy place and feeds on some disgusting hookers. Soon after, they hear a commotion downstairs, the owner was being robbed by a human, whom he shot and killed. The group slips in via gaseous form and Faramond performs a coup de gras with his pistol, forgetting it’s loaded with explosive ammo still. Quickly, they loot the room and head back to their room. Seconds later, they hear the underlings discover their boss dead, they quickly begin looting. Finding the desk empty, they begin checking the safe.

Upon hearing this, the party drops downstairs again, adding a few more bodies to the pile. In the safe they find some more money, and a large, enchanted diamond. Once again they retreat back to their room to consolidate their loot. Soon they head out, noting that the building has caught fire from a knocked over smoking implement, and find a nicer place to stay.

The group spends the night at the Titties and Daggers, as initially recommended by the owner of Guns Guns Guns, a low to mid range establish. In the rooms, they split up the coin they’ve acquired from their last motel. They enjoy some wine and relax for the rest of the evening. On the way out of town, they debate hitting some of the targets in the little black book they found, listing people that owed money.

Ultimately, they decide to just move on and this time travel in their Dire Wolf forms to cover even more ground. As they reach Orcish territory, they take on disguises again. Bell assuming a merchant disguise as the others appear to be her guards. Finally they reach the Orcish capital of Krakrar, where they should find the Seers they’ve come for.

As usual, they end up in a tavern first thing and start drinking, even though it can’t affect them, and discuss their plans. Botio reveals that he was given a scroll of greater teleport so that they can extract their targets. First they’ll need to make Bell look fancy enough to get them into the higher class areas near the center of the city. Botio and Cerina head uptown to scout while Bell and Faramond check out what a high class Orcish merchant looks like.

Botio and Cerina talk their way past some guards and find an upscale hotel, reserving a suite while they await the arrival of the others. Bell enjoys herself quite a bit as she shops for finery befitting her supposed station. On their way uptown, she uses magic to disguise herself as planned. Botio meets them and escorts them up to their rooms to further their plans. The attendant at the front desk acquires an invitation for them to a ball and the upcoming Bloodsport the next day.

Prior to the ball, the party heads out to feed discreetly. In the nastier end of town, they luckily find some orcs being tossed out of a bar, barely conscious. As they look for an inconspicuous spot to feed, they meet a local vampire. He is human and likely feral, not turned on purpose but out on his own. They share their meal with him, keeping a careful watch for trouble while they feed. Afterward, he reveals to them that tensions are high among the poor lately. The party may be able to start some riots during tomorrow’s Bloodsport. The Feral claims to be named Ferris and refers to himself as free, likely indicating he may have killed his vampiric or undead master.

Aferward, they return to their quarters and rest up for the ball. Not all of them are pleased to be disarmed at the door, but they do what they must. A lot of the chatter involves future financial concerns revolving around the imminent opening of the portal. Soon they encounter a party of humans who they recognize as vampires. They’ve been sent on an assassination mission to kill the king of the Orcs. Hoping to use this as a distraction, they share that they will likely have a good distraction tomorrow which would aid in the assassination. Reaching the Seers after that should be even easier. Botio uses magic to listen in on thoughts, searching for clues about the Seers. He overhears something about Elder Gods, which causes him quite a bit of concern. He leads the party back to their room so they can discuss their findings and plans for tomorrow.

Tyr-ing Up

After bribing their way past the guards, they make their way into the dusty chaos of the capitol city of Tyr. Inside the gate they are met by a friendly pair of locals, a dwarf and an elf, but the group only recognizes them as a dwarf and a short woman with fae features. They may have been roped into a job, perhaps mistaken for someone else. El and Thorin lead them through the maze of alleys to a market for lunch before the security job. As usual, the party ends up in a tavern.

While Thorin heads out to set up the shipment they are escorting, the party relaxes and drinks, even though they are immune to the effects of alcohol. While they talk idly, Barry receives an alert from the ship and goes outside to find out what’s up. The ship has detected a spatial anomaly in the asteroid belt, a wormhole in fact. Barry orders a probe to investigate and heads back inside.

Finally the party heads out together with the shipment, Thorin starts out singing some Dwarven songs, then Barry takes over, humming some Earth classical. As they’re walking Thorin drops his psionic disguise and reveals himself as a halfling (a miniature human or child to the Earthlings) named Leaf. With a minor disruption of surprise, their journey is almost uninterrupted by this revelation. Although when Effy attempts a telepathic probe, everyone gets a slight sensation of pressure on their heads, but most don’t think much of it. Until she begins attempting to experiment with her new powers. Including giving their new friends visions of Earth.

During a short midday break, Effy accidentally flings Leaf across the camp area when he provokes her with a few offhand words. Barry’s response to draw a weapon is noticed only by a few, including El. In response, Leaf strikes Effie dumb. In response, Oldammara takes control of Effie shortly thereafter to resolve the situation and restore his sole devotee to functioning order.

Many shenanigans and much walking later, they arrive at a stopping point in their trip for the day.

Let's talk...

With the battle cut short, Barry and Effy go to talk with the orchard’s Overseer while Johann patches up the wounded, Kristolph waiting nearby. Shortly after, they go to join Barry and Effy who are discussing the situation with the Overseer. Suddenly they notice that none of their hearts are beating, nor do they feel the need to breathe. Barry let’s Johann take over the negotiations as his blunt honesty is not going over well.

Johann learns that the capitol of the sorcerer king’s empire is 3 weeks away by local standards. He learns about local customs and values, making a small trade for some supplies, such as clothing and documentation. Barry apprises Crescence of the situation, aided by Johann after their meeting concludes. The Overseer puts them up in the bunkhouse for the night.

Effy sneaks out at night to skulk around and eventually rests on a nearby rooftop. In the morning, she helps them disguise themselves in the local clothing before they head out for the capitol, Tyr. As they are preparing to leave, they notice the Overseer spill some water. Johann realizes that he was scrying them. Their departure is somewhat less pleasant than they intended, but peaceful.

They reach the ship several miles outside the orchard safely and set out toward Tyr, parking a safe distance outside the city. The ship bounces up to orbit for their trip to the capitol, launching a probe to the asteroid belt and another to scan the local environs for asteroids and comets of value. The break down some of their duracable for tradeable ingots of metal.

The ships AI determines that exposure to the biological weapon they intended to kill the Fallen has put the human crew into some sort of organic immortality/stasis, they are now undead. The probe eventually reports back on it’s findings in the asteroid belt and detonates to send a valuable chunk of rock their way. They plan to rendezvous with the rock in a few weeks and prepare to head down to the capitol. Disguising themselves with their local clothing and some simply made swords, they walk toward the capitol.

Unfortunately they arrive at the capitol just before dusk and the gates have closed. So they stay the night in a nearby town. With two small pieces of metal, they pay their way with ease. Barry, the only one wearing his armor under his local garb, reluctantly embraces his role as muscle. With a little bribery, they make their way into Tyr.

God wants you!

Shortly after arriving, they are each spoken to by local gods interested in these new comers to their realm and their strange equipment. They continue on their way, discussing their experiences and the impact of magic on this world. They’ve also learned that a form of power known as Psionics are prevalent in this realm. The farm they’re approaching appears to be some sort of orchard with an irrigation system in place and a wooden palisade around the structures in the middle.

The team quickly discover that farms on this world are heavily defended. During the battle they learn that the orchard belongs the Sorceror King and many of the Psionics defend the place. Eventually some rather heated negotiations begin amid the battle and people manage to calm down. Barry and Effy go to negotiate with the boss.

Bait and Switch #2

Kristolf continues making repairs while the others try to keep busy as the ship limps towards the Zengali fleet. The rest of the crew keeps themselves busy, Barry performs maintenance on his weapons, Johann works and meditates and Effy tries to break out of her room. When the control panel alerts Barry, he gets someone to check and fix it. Creschens, aka Bugsy, removes the servo and goes to help Kristolf in engineering.

Moments later, Effy finds her door moves freely and attempts to storm the bridge. Luckily Barry is keeping an eye on it and locks down the crew quarters. Johann goes to visit her in an effort to calm her down when she retreats dejectedly to her room. Eventually he simply gives her a sedative to relax her for a while.

While they don’t feel hungry or need to go to the bathroom, some of the crew do eat anyway. When the drive is repaired, they attempt a short jump and find the drive is not quite operating correctly. So they cut the jump short and attempt to discover the problem. A missing rare element leads them to use some of their strange matter to boost the drive core. This results in a massive series of errors and the ship is catapulted across the universe at more than 100 times the speed of light.

When they finally manage to slow down, they detect two planets at either end of their fuel range. One with three moons and nomadic humanoids, the other with no moons and humanoids in the equivalent of the late dark ages. After waking Effy, they decide to head for the planet with moons and set out. The moons are almost identical, no atmosphere, no Helium-3, and negligible resources available on the surface. The planet appears to be mostly desert with very little water.

The party lands outside a city with the greatest mineral resources and sets out to the nearest life signs to gather some intel.

Sleeping Bitchy and Barry the Peg-leg
I Mean Beauty...

The party lets Effy get some extra rest and moves on with her in the portable hole, heading toward the ZPE lab. Barry hums a dramatic tune as he takes point on the two mile corridor to the next building. Kristolf and Johann begin hacking the door while Barry pulls security. After a few minutes of panicked hacking and security alarms, they bypass the buildings security and Barry moves in cautiously while the others look for terminals.

They attempt to hack various consoles and search for anything useful, then plan a route through the building. Their first stop is the strange materials weapons lab where they encounter a strange alien wearing a collar. After a tense standoff in which the alien gets gooed to the ceiling, they eventually decide to let it loose. Then Barry is attacked by some sort of invisible Fallen.

When Johann blasts him with holy light, an injured Barry rolls and manages to tag the attacker with several Tangler rounds. Johann prevents it from casting with a silence spell. They pin him in place but his blades extend, pinning Barry’s injured leg to the floor. His allies eventually kill it, although it severs his leg until Johann reattaches it. Although the spider alien initially flees, it returns.

It’s a little over two hours after they set out from their rest and they enlist the aid of the alien to continue their mission, with 14.5 hours gone from their 72 hour clock. They continue on their way up the building. On the way to the Quantum computing lab, they stop at the wormhole stabilization lab. The alien proves extremely adept at technology and helps them expedite information extraction. They take a sample of strange matter from the lab and store it in the hole.

Barry yells into the hole/intercom and awakens Effy, leading to a rather surprising introduction. After a short discussion, they continue upward, Creschens, their new friend manages to get them into the ZPE level without bothering to go to the command center to hack in. No prototypes are found in the lab but they manage to get all the data from the lab.

With their main objective in hand, the team moves to gather any additional info they can before beginning their extraction. Up on the Quantum computing lab, they find three prototypes the Chiss created and secure them. 56 hours remain on the mission clock while they begin a three hour download. Barry takes Bugsy and Goggles up to the failsafe room looking for a way to destroy the facility after they get what they want.

Unfortunately, they set it off, cutting their time drastically. Johann grabs as much as he can, even literally grabbing machine pieces and tossing them in the portable hole. The Failsafe is actually a giant disintegration device that slowly eliminates everything below it in the central lab structure. Bugsy teleports them out safely and they begin a hasty retreat toward their ship.

Barry manages to remove the security door from their path, more or less, and they beat feet through the physics lab. On the far side of the lab, their ship contacts them, the level of danger is escalating very quickly. Enemy units are trying to breach the ship. Barry orders it to pick them up and they notice flying enemies approach rapidly.

The team takes cover in the damaged building and waiting for them to arrive, until they see bombers approaching. The party scurries deeper inside to avoid the carpet bombing. With the ship taking fire, they head for the roof and use a Barn Swallow maneuver for an emergency extraction. Fallen fliers approach while they wait desperately and escape in the nick of time. Their vessel is damaged but flying.

As they ascend, an angel contacts Johann, offering help in exchange for possession of his body. Barry and other Barry prepare a parting gift for the Fallen during all of this. The angel Cassiel casts spells at the pursuing fallen. Attackers die and explode in angelic radiance. Once in orbit, their remaining bomb drops onto the city they just fled, so powerful they feel it at their altitude.

With the stealth systems online, they begin to make good on their escape. The ship detects portals opening on Chissa Prime’s surface and they receive new intel from home via the quantum comms. The Zengali have joined the fight and have a fleet several parsecs away for them to rendezvous with. With the crew exhausted, the team moves away under stealth.

Starway to Hell
Recovering the ZPM

After partying it up the night before the mission, the team boards their ship, running final drills and checks before heading through the wormhole. They are spat out near the edge of the Chiss home system and stealthily approach their target as best they can. Gathering some intel in orbit, hanging onto a derelict station, they deploy a mini-satellite network and one of their experimental plasma nukes on a remote launch trigger.

As they enter the atmosphere to land, Barry secretly deploys the bio-agent. On the ground, they head toward the research complex, stopping to plant explosives on the Chiss’s jump gate to make sure it can be sabotaged, just in case. While there, they hear their nuke in orbit go off, whether from tampering or malfunction, they don’t know. As night falls, they keep moving. With the ships 72 hour clock ticking, they hit a patrol 7 hours in and keep moving and head south toward the physics lab of the research.

Roughly 8.5 hours in, they are searching the labs with the aid of some downloaded data from a computer. First they search for the personal shielding project or data about it. Sensor ghosts flicker across Johann’s sensorcomp, but they don’t find anything. When they find the prototype, they accidentally trip the testing process and take cover in the portable hole. Eventually the others override the process and get Kristolf and Johann out.

With no other projects of interest easily accessible, they move on towards their main objective. The team takes a 4 hour break in a storage closet. With Effy exhausted, they keep her in the portable hole for a few extra hours of sleep and move on.

"Prototype" Drive
Friday, the 13th September 1939

Switching on the experimental drive system for a second time, Johann hopes to escape the Soviet fleet after their surprise attack. After about thirty seconds later, alarms blare as the drive encounters problems. Kristolph rushes to help Cristoph in Engineering because the drive won’t disengage. Their Polish engineer heads into the reactor to fix the problem. The power cuts out and the ship crashes into the water as the bubble collapses.

Water starts pouring into the ship from the buckled hull in the torpedo room, the galley and the Captain’s Quarters. While Effy freaks out, the crew quickly works to seal off the flooding and get the sub to the surface. They manage to get battery power up to begin repairs. Kristolph patches the hull with magic in time for them to get a radio warning from the Germans. As they submerge once more with the backup diesel engine a massive strike hits the surface.

With the sub pumping out water and barely under it’s own power, the German’s inform them over the radio that they will be extracted shortly. A massive metal construct descends from the sky. It has some Chiss colors and fires very impressive and loud weapon toward the Russian fleet. A fireball blossoms on the horizon as it fires again and the crew is ordered to the topside.

They are dematerialized and appear inside the ship, greeted by Chiss, welcoming them aboard the Havoc. The stolen submarine is beamed aboard also. The Chiss commander tells them they will be taken to base. While they travel, the team heads to the galley for a bite to eat.

After about an hour, they are led to a debriefing and transported into a room along the way. On the wall is a large screen, several weird chairs around a table. Skepticism abounds as they are informed they’ve been brought to a Chiss moonbase where a fleet is under construction to combat the Fallen fleet when it eventually arrives.

The team is given new orders, they will be helping to train forces for the coming war with the Fallen. The Chiss plan to end the war in it’s infancy and turns Earth’s combined might to build a fleet. Barry quickly realizes he’s just hit retirement after the shortest and greatest career in history.

While the Chiss admiral begins to inform them of deeply detailed technical concepts, Barry gets depressed and starts drinking. The idea that they will make pre-emptive strikes against the Fallen cheers him up a bit though. After a great deal of discussion, they begin 6 months of training. Afterward, they begin three years of training Earth’s forces, the Armada and defenses have flourished, Mars has been colonized and is being terraformed.

Finally, they are summoned to Fire Base Bravo on Pluto, hopefully for a mission. Upon arrival, they are greeted by the forces they’ve been training for the last few years. Barry takes a moment to get them riled up before going to their briefing.

The Fallen have moved forward, faster than expected and timetables are shifting. The team is being sent to the Chiss Homeworld to retrieve old research on a ZPEM while a fleet distracts the Fallen on the front lines.


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