Operation Mithril Dragon

Tyr-ing Up

After bribing their way past the guards, they make their way into the dusty chaos of the capitol city of Tyr. Inside the gate they are met by a friendly pair of locals, a dwarf and an elf, but the group only recognizes them as a dwarf and a short woman with fae features. They may have been roped into a job, perhaps mistaken for someone else. El and Thorin lead them through the maze of alleys to a market for lunch before the security job. As usual, the party ends up in a tavern.

While Thorin heads out to set up the shipment they are escorting, the party relaxes and drinks, even though they are immune to the effects of alcohol. While they talk idly, Barry receives an alert from the ship and goes outside to find out what’s up. The ship has detected a spatial anomaly in the asteroid belt, a wormhole in fact. Barry orders a probe to investigate and heads back inside.

Finally the party heads out together with the shipment, Thorin starts out singing some Dwarven songs, then Barry takes over, humming some Earth classical. As they’re walking Thorin drops his psionic disguise and reveals himself as a halfling (a miniature human or child to the Earthlings) named Leaf. With a minor disruption of surprise, their journey is almost uninterrupted by this revelation. Although when Effy attempts a telepathic probe, everyone gets a slight sensation of pressure on their heads, but most don’t think much of it. Until she begins attempting to experiment with her new powers. Including giving their new friends visions of Earth.

During a short midday break, Effy accidentally flings Leaf across the camp area when he provokes her with a few offhand words. Barry’s response to draw a weapon is noticed only by a few, including El. In response, Leaf strikes Effie dumb. In response, Oldammara takes control of Effie shortly thereafter to resolve the situation and restore his sole devotee to functioning order.

Many shenanigans and much walking later, they arrive at a stopping point in their trip for the day.

Let's talk...

With the battle cut short, Barry and Effy go to talk with the orchard’s Overseer while Johann patches up the wounded, Kristolph waiting nearby. Shortly after, they go to join Barry and Effy who are discussing the situation with the Overseer. Suddenly they notice that none of their hearts are beating, nor do they feel the need to breathe. Barry let’s Johann take over the negotiations as his blunt honesty is not going over well.

Johann learns that the capitol of the sorcerer king’s empire is 3 weeks away by local standards. He learns about local customs and values, making a small trade for some supplies, such as clothing and documentation. Barry apprises Crescence of the situation, aided by Johann after their meeting concludes. The Overseer puts them up in the bunkhouse for the night.

Effy sneaks out at night to skulk around and eventually rests on a nearby rooftop. In the morning, she helps them disguise themselves in the local clothing before they head out for the capitol, Tyr. As they are preparing to leave, they notice the Overseer spill some water. Johann realizes that he was scrying them. Their departure is somewhat less pleasant than they intended, but peaceful.

They reach the ship several miles outside the orchard safely and set out toward Tyr, parking a safe distance outside the city. The ship bounces up to orbit for their trip to the capitol, launching a probe to the asteroid belt and another to scan the local environs for asteroids and comets of value. The break down some of their duracable for tradeable ingots of metal.

The ships AI determines that exposure to the biological weapon they intended to kill the Fallen has put the human crew into some sort of organic immortality/stasis, they are now undead. The probe eventually reports back on it’s findings in the asteroid belt and detonates to send a valuable chunk of rock their way. They plan to rendezvous with the rock in a few weeks and prepare to head down to the capitol. Disguising themselves with their local clothing and some simply made swords, they walk toward the capitol.

Unfortunately they arrive at the capitol just before dusk and the gates have closed. So they stay the night in a nearby town. With two small pieces of metal, they pay their way with ease. Barry, the only one wearing his armor under his local garb, reluctantly embraces his role as muscle. With a little bribery, they make their way into Tyr.

God wants you!

Shortly after arriving, they are each spoken to by local gods interested in these new comers to their realm and their strange equipment. They continue on their way, discussing their experiences and the impact of magic on this world. They’ve also learned that a form of power known as Psionics are prevalent in this realm. The farm they’re approaching appears to be some sort of orchard with an irrigation system in place and a wooden palisade around the structures in the middle.

The team quickly discover that farms on this world are heavily defended. During the battle they learn that the orchard belongs the Sorceror King and many of the Psionics defend the place. Eventually some rather heated negotiations begin amid the battle and people manage to calm down. Barry and Effy go to negotiate with the boss.

Bait and Switch #2

Kristolf continues making repairs while the others try to keep busy as the ship limps towards the Zengali fleet. The rest of the crew keeps themselves busy, Barry performs maintenance on his weapons, Johann works and meditates and Effy tries to break out of her room. When the control panel alerts Barry, he gets someone to check and fix it. Creschens, aka Bugsy, removes the servo and goes to help Kristolf in engineering.

Moments later, Effy finds her door moves freely and attempts to storm the bridge. Luckily Barry is keeping an eye on it and locks down the crew quarters. Johann goes to visit her in an effort to calm her down when she retreats dejectedly to her room. Eventually he simply gives her a sedative to relax her for a while.

While they don’t feel hungry or need to go to the bathroom, some of the crew do eat anyway. When the drive is repaired, they attempt a short jump and find the drive is not quite operating correctly. So they cut the jump short and attempt to discover the problem. A missing rare element leads them to use some of their strange matter to boost the drive core. This results in a massive series of errors and the ship is catapulted across the universe at more than 100 times the speed of light.

When they finally manage to slow down, they detect two planets at either end of their fuel range. One with three moons and nomadic humanoids, the other with no moons and humanoids in the equivalent of the late dark ages. After waking Effy, they decide to head for the planet with moons and set out. The moons are almost identical, no atmosphere, no Helium-3, and negligible resources available on the surface. The planet appears to be mostly desert with very little water.

The party lands outside a city with the greatest mineral resources and sets out to the nearest life signs to gather some intel.

Sleeping Bitchy and Barry the Peg-leg
I Mean Beauty...

The party lets Effy get some extra rest and moves on with her in the portable hole, heading toward the ZPE lab. Barry hums a dramatic tune as he takes point on the two mile corridor to the next building. Kristolf and Johann begin hacking the door while Barry pulls security. After a few minutes of panicked hacking and security alarms, they bypass the buildings security and Barry moves in cautiously while the others look for terminals.

They attempt to hack various consoles and search for anything useful, then plan a route through the building. Their first stop is the strange materials weapons lab where they encounter a strange alien wearing a collar. After a tense standoff in which the alien gets gooed to the ceiling, they eventually decide to let it loose. Then Barry is attacked by some sort of invisible Fallen.

When Johann blasts him with holy light, an injured Barry rolls and manages to tag the attacker with several Tangler rounds. Johann prevents it from casting with a silence spell. They pin him in place but his blades extend, pinning Barry’s injured leg to the floor. His allies eventually kill it, although it severs his leg until Johann reattaches it. Although the spider alien initially flees, it returns.

It’s a little over two hours after they set out from their rest and they enlist the aid of the alien to continue their mission, with 14.5 hours gone from their 72 hour clock. They continue on their way up the building. On the way to the Quantum computing lab, they stop at the wormhole stabilization lab. The alien proves extremely adept at technology and helps them expedite information extraction. They take a sample of strange matter from the lab and store it in the hole.

Barry yells into the hole/intercom and awakens Effy, leading to a rather surprising introduction. After a short discussion, they continue upward, Creschens, their new friend manages to get them into the ZPE level without bothering to go to the command center to hack in. No prototypes are found in the lab but they manage to get all the data from the lab.

With their main objective in hand, the team moves to gather any additional info they can before beginning their extraction. Up on the Quantum computing lab, they find three prototypes the Chiss created and secure them. 56 hours remain on the mission clock while they begin a three hour download. Barry takes Bugsy and Goggles up to the failsafe room looking for a way to destroy the facility after they get what they want.

Unfortunately, they set it off, cutting their time drastically. Johann grabs as much as he can, even literally grabbing machine pieces and tossing them in the portable hole. The Failsafe is actually a giant disintegration device that slowly eliminates everything below it in the central lab structure. Bugsy teleports them out safely and they begin a hasty retreat toward their ship.

Barry manages to remove the security door from their path, more or less, and they beat feet through the physics lab. On the far side of the lab, their ship contacts them, the level of danger is escalating very quickly. Enemy units are trying to breach the ship. Barry orders it to pick them up and they notice flying enemies approach rapidly.

The team takes cover in the damaged building and waiting for them to arrive, until they see bombers approaching. The party scurries deeper inside to avoid the carpet bombing. With the ship taking fire, they head for the roof and use a Barn Swallow maneuver for an emergency extraction. Fallen fliers approach while they wait desperately and escape in the nick of time. Their vessel is damaged but flying.

As they ascend, an angel contacts Johann, offering help in exchange for possession of his body. Barry and other Barry prepare a parting gift for the Fallen during all of this. The angel Cassiel casts spells at the pursuing fallen. Attackers die and explode in angelic radiance. Once in orbit, their remaining bomb drops onto the city they just fled, so powerful they feel it at their altitude.

With the stealth systems online, they begin to make good on their escape. The ship detects portals opening on Chissa Prime’s surface and they receive new intel from home via the quantum comms. The Zengali have joined the fight and have a fleet several parsecs away for them to rendezvous with. With the crew exhausted, the team moves away under stealth.

Starway to Hell
Recovering the ZPM

After partying it up the night before the mission, the team boards their ship, running final drills and checks before heading through the wormhole. They are spat out near the edge of the Chiss home system and stealthily approach their target as best they can. Gathering some intel in orbit, hanging onto a derelict station, they deploy a mini-satellite network and one of their experimental plasma nukes on a remote launch trigger.

As they enter the atmosphere to land, Barry secretly deploys the bio-agent. On the ground, they head toward the research complex, stopping to plant explosives on the Chiss’s jump gate to make sure it can be sabotaged, just in case. While there, they hear their nuke in orbit go off, whether from tampering or malfunction, they don’t know. As night falls, they keep moving. With the ships 72 hour clock ticking, they hit a patrol 7 hours in and keep moving and head south toward the physics lab of the research.

Roughly 8.5 hours in, they are searching the labs with the aid of some downloaded data from a computer. First they search for the personal shielding project or data about it. Sensor ghosts flicker across Johann’s sensorcomp, but they don’t find anything. When they find the prototype, they accidentally trip the testing process and take cover in the portable hole. Eventually the others override the process and get Kristolf and Johann out.

With no other projects of interest easily accessible, they move on towards their main objective. The team takes a 4 hour break in a storage closet. With Effy exhausted, they keep her in the portable hole for a few extra hours of sleep and move on.

"Prototype" Drive
Friday, the 13th September 1939

Switching on the experimental drive system for a second time, Johann hopes to escape the Soviet fleet after their surprise attack. After about thirty seconds later, alarms blare as the drive encounters problems. Kristolph rushes to help Cristoph in Engineering because the drive won’t disengage. Their Polish engineer heads into the reactor to fix the problem. The power cuts out and the ship crashes into the water as the bubble collapses.

Water starts pouring into the ship from the buckled hull in the torpedo room, the galley and the Captain’s Quarters. While Effy freaks out, the crew quickly works to seal off the flooding and get the sub to the surface. They manage to get battery power up to begin repairs. Kristolph patches the hull with magic in time for them to get a radio warning from the Germans. As they submerge once more with the backup diesel engine a massive strike hits the surface.

With the sub pumping out water and barely under it’s own power, the German’s inform them over the radio that they will be extracted shortly. A massive metal construct descends from the sky. It has some Chiss colors and fires very impressive and loud weapon toward the Russian fleet. A fireball blossoms on the horizon as it fires again and the crew is ordered to the topside.

They are dematerialized and appear inside the ship, greeted by Chiss, welcoming them aboard the Havoc. The stolen submarine is beamed aboard also. The Chiss commander tells them they will be taken to base. While they travel, the team heads to the galley for a bite to eat.

After about an hour, they are led to a debriefing and transported into a room along the way. On the wall is a large screen, several weird chairs around a table. Skepticism abounds as they are informed they’ve been brought to a Chiss moonbase where a fleet is under construction to combat the Fallen fleet when it eventually arrives.

The team is given new orders, they will be helping to train forces for the coming war with the Fallen. The Chiss plan to end the war in it’s infancy and turns Earth’s combined might to build a fleet. Barry quickly realizes he’s just hit retirement after the shortest and greatest career in history.

While the Chiss admiral begins to inform them of deeply detailed technical concepts, Barry gets depressed and starts drinking. The idea that they will make pre-emptive strikes against the Fallen cheers him up a bit though. After a great deal of discussion, they begin 6 months of training. Afterward, they begin three years of training Earth’s forces, the Armada and defenses have flourished, Mars has been colonized and is being terraformed.

Finally, they are summoned to Fire Base Bravo on Pluto, hopefully for a mission. Upon arrival, they are greeted by the forces they’ve been training for the last few years. Barry takes a moment to get them riled up before going to their briefing.

The Fallen have moved forward, faster than expected and timetables are shifting. The team is being sent to the Chiss Homeworld to retrieve old research on a ZPEM while a fleet distracts the Fallen on the front lines.

Assaulting the Red Coast
I can't believe that worked.

The Night Hawk delivery system drops the team in the woods a few miles out from their target. Appearing in deep woods, some of the team is slightly disoriented. Hearing a patrol coming, they set up a near ambush and wait. The Soviet patrol is wiped out in the ambush, the bodies hidden and useful gear looted.

The team moves a few miles west to scout the area better. With a detailed map from the owl automaton, they plan out a complex strike with mortars and distractions. Barry sneaks into the base, planting bombs in various important buildings. Not long after, Effy moves in for the distraction phase. She easily convinces them that a patrol has been butchered outside the base, which happens to be true. Seeing his teammate being brought into one of his target bombs, Barry moves in to find her.

Troops and vehicles begin to pour out of the base and Johann opens the attack with a rocket. Followed by mowing down motorbike troops with a well supplied machine and more rockets. Barry shanks the officer standing with Effy and they set up the Fire Strike beacon with 60 seconds. Meanwhile, another wave of troops head out to attack Johann, with little effect. Rockets and bullets fly, vehicles explode and burn while troops scramble to approach what they assume is a platoon sized element.

Cristoph waits for the signal with a list of strike coordinates. Effy and Barry sprint for the sub, hoping to steal it, as Barry didn’t have time to plant all the bombs. The beacon decimates the admin building and Cristoph drops mortars on the base. Troops finally begin returning fire on Johann while mortars take out the power plants. Barry radios his fire support to let them know the submarine may be their means of escape. Cristoph and Johann work together over the radios to keep the Soviets busy.

On the way to the sub, Barry slaps another bomb on a tower among the dry dock defenses, preparing to detonate the bombs hidden all over the base. Dusk was beginning to fall, but as most of the base explodes when Barry hits the detonator, it’s not that dark anymore. Smoke pours into the sky as the power plant is fully shut down. Cristoph uses magic to light up his bullets, creating a glowing field to prevent troops from hiding in the dark.

Mortars start falling on the motor pool next while Effy and Barry move to secure the submarine. When motorcycles try to flank, Johann drapes his portable hole over his back to protect him from incoming fire from guard towers, troops along the wall, and approaching vehicles. Before his position is overrun, he sweeps up his weaponry with the portable hole and moves out of the light, beginning his approach to the base.

Effy successfully sends several of the topside marines on the sub toward the gates with a believable bluff while Barry descends into the sub to go hunting. Some of the crew manage to sound an alarm, but a pile of bodies already surrounds the entrance room to the sub. Barry gets a million dollar wound trying to breach the command deck, but maintains cover with a handkerchief on the wound.

Johann has set up his machine gun on the wall, with advice from Effy, yells ‘Coward’ in Russian as he guns down soldiers trying to run. Cristoph has already abandoned his booby-trapped mortar nest and found a bike to get to base faster. Barry manages to sneak in once the crew in command stop shooting, and wastes them from behind, including a cook in hiding. Then moves further into the sub while Johann mows down Russians and Cristoph rides toward the base.

Deeper in the sub, Barry shanks another crewman in the torpedo battery and caps two more. He finds another half dozen in the reactor room, too spread out to annihilate easily. So he heads back to command and deactivates the alarm, then back to clean up the engine room.With a grazing wound on the calf, he eliminates the remainder, leaving one engineer unconscious before moving to finish clearing the sub.

Barry returns to Effy and calls her inside, using the radio to call the rest of the team to the sub for extraction. On the way to the sub, Cristoph and Johann attempt to gain some intel from the remaining intact Tesla towers. Some are guarded or booby-trapped, gaining them little and eventually they head straight to the sub. On their way, they gather what they can from fallen soldiers and reconointer at the sub.

The team looses the moorings and sets up the remaining bombs to make the dock appear destroyed, hoping no one will notice the missing submarine. Cristoph goes into the sub to figure out the vehicles operations while Barry and Johann set the explosives. Effy takes care of the engineer while the others work, who is no match for her feminine wiles.

The engineer quickly gets the ship up and running, helping Cristoph in command. The team gets the ship out of port and blows the charges, setting course for Germany, Cristoph taking technical command while Barry commands the crew. They swap tales of their success while Effy manipulates the engineer.

With the engineer converted to their side by Effy’s skill and feminine wiles, they set course for Germany and Barry drags bodies to the torpedo room, burying them at sea. The next day, Barry contacts command and they plan to attack and punch through the Soviet fleet between them and the port.

Plans are quickly made and they approach ready to attack. With the engineer on their side, they spread out their skeleton crew effectively. Once within range, they try to convince the Russians they’re still on their side.

A tense standoff ensues as they trick their way close into enemy ranks and fire all tubes. Evasive maneuvers ensue as they reload and fight for their survival, firing as torpedoes are loaded. Johann prays and commands Effy while Barry and Goggles work the torpedo bay. The team works furiously to reload, steer, fire and evade, engaging the Soviet fleet as best they can.

The enemy takes significant damage as the team’s captured sub closes, continuing to fire. Powering into the enemy fleet, they fire as quickly as they can, reloading heavy torpedoes at full speed and dodging depth charges. Their new engineer, Cristoph 2, gets them clear of the Soviet fleet with a top secret Super Cavitation drive.

Deceleration impact loads another two torpedoes and the team books it toward friendly lines with enemies at max range on the rear. The last load of torpedoes is set in place as they race towards friendly fleets. With another two torpedoes in the water, they hit their Super Cav drive again and head towards friendly waters at full speed.

Flight of the Barry

After radioing ahead to Germany, the party sets out with their thunder of dragons. Barry sings Flight of the Valkyries for a great deal of the trip with musical accompaniment from Apollo the Dragon, playing on a giant violin. Later that day they break to rest in the Swiss mountains, monks head off to a nearby village to purchase cows to feed the dragons while the rest make camp. Barry lives up to his nickname “Goosey” by using his invisibility ring to sneak up and goose people at random.

The next morning Barry notices that they’ve gained some more dragons, Odin has rounded up some small feral mountain dragons to join their group. Rosenburg has been with Odin, talking and learning Draconic history. Following some invisible hi-jinx, the party sets out again toward home. Later in the day, they meet up with even more dragons, swelling the flock to 67 dragons. By the time they reach the edge of the mountains, they’ve accrued 147 dragons.

They make camp at the edge of the mountains, a day away from their destination. After being rebuffed by the Chiss captain to examine his weapons, Barry makes him a special bouquet. When he refuses the offer, Barry tries to give it to Effy, who pulls the pin and runs. Luckily Barry throws it clear of the camp. Barry promptly hands the pin to Cristof and goes invisible. Barry follows Rosenburg and they attempt, unsuccessfully to make contact over the radio. They hear some news and other German radio frequencies.

Finally they reach Germany, meeting with a German patrol at the border. The patrol leads the large thunder of dragons to an outpost where they report to the base commander and bivouac before heading on to Berlin. Effy puts her talents to work on an officer and robs him blind. The group sets off for Berlin in the morning, six of the feral dragons remain at the outpost.

A short break in the countryside and another half days travel sees the party to the capital. They head in for debriefing for the rest of the evening, finally getting back to their various quarters to sleep late that evening. Effy marries a demon in her sleep but hides the ring tattoo on her finger with a pair of nice gloves. Barry wakes up to find orders for the team and orders them to the range at 1pm for some practice before the briefing at 3pm.

Effy spends her morning pawning the ring she stole and trying to get a ring to hide her new tattoo. She fails to show up for their range training and Barry sends the MPs to find her. She does turn up for their briefing at 3.

At the briefing they learn Mercury has refused orders and wishes to remain with them. Unable to change the dragon’s mind, they are briefed on their next mission. They are all promoted one rank and paid for their last mission. The team is headed to Minsk to destroy a Russian shipyard where they are developing a new type of submarine. They will be transported by the teleportation device designed for the Night Hawk superweapon to avoid notice on the way in. They even give Barry carte blanche in the armory for the mission, making his day even better.

While Cristof builds a clockwork companion, the rest of the party prepares for the mission and they meet up the next day. They’re led to the secret facility in preparation for transport to Minsk. The scientists activate the machine and zap them across the continent to their destination. Some are more disoriented than others, but they arrive intact.


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