Operation Mithril Dragon

Flight of the Barry

After radioing ahead to Germany, the party sets out with their thunder of dragons. Barry sings Flight of the Valkyries for a great deal of the trip with musical accompaniment from Apollo the Dragon, playing on a giant violin. Later that day they break to rest in the Swiss mountains, monks head off to a nearby village to purchase cows to feed the dragons while the rest make camp. Barry lives up to his nickname “Goosey” by using his invisibility ring to sneak up and goose people at random.

The next morning Barry notices that they’ve gained some more dragons, Odin has rounded up some small feral mountain dragons to join their group. Rosenburg has been with Odin, talking and learning Draconic history. Following some invisible hi-jinx, the party sets out again toward home. Later in the day, they meet up with even more dragons, swelling the flock to 67 dragons. By the time they reach the edge of the mountains, they’ve accrued 147 dragons.

They make camp at the edge of the mountains, a day away from their destination. After being rebuffed by the Chiss captain to examine his weapons, Barry makes him a special bouquet. When he refuses the offer, Barry tries to give it to Effy, who pulls the pin and runs. Luckily Barry throws it clear of the camp. Barry promptly hands the pin to Cristof and goes invisible. Barry follows Rosenburg and they attempt, unsuccessfully to make contact over the radio. They hear some news and other German radio frequencies.

Finally they reach Germany, meeting with a German patrol at the border. The patrol leads the large thunder of dragons to an outpost where they report to the base commander and bivouac before heading on to Berlin. Effy puts her talents to work on an officer and robs him blind. The group sets off for Berlin in the morning, six of the feral dragons remain at the outpost.

A short break in the countryside and another half days travel sees the party to the capital. They head in for debriefing for the rest of the evening, finally getting back to their various quarters to sleep late that evening. Effy marries a demon in her sleep but hides the ring tattoo on her finger with a pair of nice gloves. Barry wakes up to find orders for the team and orders them to the range at 1pm for some practice before the briefing at 3pm.

Effy spends her morning pawning the ring she stole and trying to get a ring to hide her new tattoo. She fails to show up for their range training and Barry sends the MPs to find her. She does turn up for their briefing at 3.

At the briefing they learn Mercury has refused orders and wishes to remain with them. Unable to change the dragon’s mind, they are briefed on their next mission. They are all promoted one rank and paid for their last mission. The team is headed to Minsk to destroy a Russian shipyard where they are developing a new type of submarine. They will be transported by the teleportation device designed for the Night Hawk superweapon to avoid notice on the way in. They even give Barry carte blanche in the armory for the mission, making his day even better.

While Cristof builds a clockwork companion, the rest of the party prepares for the mission and they meet up the next day. They’re led to the secret facility in preparation for transport to Minsk. The scientists activate the machine and zap them across the continent to their destination. Some are more disoriented than others, but they arrive intact.

New Mission
The other one is sort of completed...

On the mountainside, they meet Alphonse, the person they’ve been looking for this whole time. He is not what they believe him to be, he’s some sort of powerful, old being who raises dragons. Alphonse knows their mission and sends them on a new one. Having read their minds, he knows about their dreams and the truth behind them. Demons are planning to invade soon and the outbreak of war is only a diversion.

Alphonse sends them to see the Pope to inform him of the demonic invasion. On the wings of dragons, they make it to the Italian border in hours. When they reach Rome, they discover strange smoke in the air. Demons opened a portal and attacked, but were repelled by local forces. The party is met in air by local Angel-wing dragons and escorted into the Holy City to deliver their news.

The group is lead inside to wait for the Pope’s attendant after a brief standoff with the guards. After waiting and eating for almost an hour, Johann grows impatient and demands to be taken to see the Attendant. The others remain behind, waiting impatiently. Eventually they meet with the Attendant, who’s been seeing to the Pope after his injury in the demonic invasion. The portal that opened turned out to be the last stand of the Chiss homeworld, fleeing to Earth with some demons following them through.

After briefing the Attendant, they spend some more time waiting. Effy tries to slip her guard but ultimately fails. Barry listens to the radio with Rosenburg and Johann goes to the library. That evening they discuss the recent events with the Pope, hoping to send Chiss scientists and weapon experts to Germany. Additionally, they would like to rally the human race to face the oncoming storm known as the Fallen.

The next morning, the party is sent by the Pope via magic back to Alphonse’s home. Upon arrival, they find he is dying of old age. Johann takes down his last will and testament, willing the dragon’s to a relation in the Vatican. They next teleport to Johann’s monastery to deliver the dragons. Here they pick up additional monks to join the war effort in Germany, the Monastery is mobilizing. The party picks up 30 additional dragons, gear, and monks for the coming wars, in lieu of Alphonse and head home to Germany.

After the Ambush
On again, off again, the road...

Barry instructs the team to never let Effy drive anything again, also to speak English until further notice. He plans to impersonate an OSS team for the time being. With the vehicle repaired, they prepare to head out. Barry removes the firing pin from the prisoner’s pistol. Soon after, their prisoner wakes up, his name is Cristoph. They assume their guise and begin questioning him. With the Russian invasion underway, they head to an outpost that the Polish officer told them about to avoid trouble. Later that afternoon, they abandon the vehicle and head into the woods.

At nightfall, they make camp. Rosenberg pulls out some tents while Kristolph (Goggles) digs a latrine. During the night, several party members have unusual dreams. The next day they continue on their way to the Polish outpost. After a brief meeting with the Post Commander, they try to obtain supplies and plan a route south to their target.

When a dead messenger arrives from Krakow with news that the Russians had captured the city, all hell breaks loose. The team grabs all the supplies they can and makes a deal for a magical backpack before heading south with some horses. A safe distance away, Rosenberg pulls out the radio for updates. Russia has invaded Poland, Germany and China, Britain and Japan have declared Neutrality, there was mention of Project Night Hawk, a portal and the Vatican were mentioned. At some point, dreams were mentioned and the party began discussing their dreams from the night before. Johann believes the dreams are the work of demons.

Deeply worried, the party moves southward along the river. Over the radio, they had learned that their mission was still high priority. When they make camp, Johann (Smiley) takes steps to protect the team from demonic dreams. The night passes uneventfully twice and they continue on their way. On the third day, Goggles has another demonic vision that he discusses with Smiley. When they reach the mountainside, they spot a strange dragon and Barry decides to maintain their OSS ruse.


The party attends a meeting upon graduation to receiver their first assignment and teams. Reinhardt Heydrich, a prominent member of the Nazi party, issues dossiers to the various new leaders for their missions. The group endures a very awkward meet and greet with Bernard “Barry” Geise, their new Staff Sergeant while other groups are led off for briefings. Eventually a LT leads them off to meet in HQ with Heydrich for a detailed mission brief. Afterward they head off to the chow hall for lunch and disperse for the day. Barry turns in their requisitions for supplies, instructing them on their plans for the next day.

The team heads out in the morning with Rosenberg, a dragon handler. Their mission is to convert, capture, or kill a dragon breeder who is rumored to have bred a dragon species that can ingest and refine mithril. The U-Bahn transports them to the border at high speed, a shoddy old jeep gets them in country to begin their mission. With a combination of booz, bribery, and foolishness, they get into Poland, heading toward the Tetra mountains.

((note, town names have been changed to match the map of prewar poland i have posted.))

Kalisz, a moderately sized town, hosts them for their first night. They get rooms at a small inn, relax and sleep for the evening. Johan learns from the local church that Germany’s invasion plans aren’t as secret as they think and that Americans are in country working with the Polish at a new Mithril mine in the mountains near their destination. Which he passes on to Barry, in confidence.

With only enough fuel to travel half the day, determining that the City Lodz is within reach and they can get horses to tow the vehicle to the next source of fuel, Kielce. On the way, they are embroiled in a battle between Russian and Polish troops. Russian Tesla tanks, half tracks and other troops are engaging Polish troops as the party heads offroad for cover. Josephine flips the vehicle, Rosenberg is badly injured, but the team gets to cover at the edge of the field. Laying low, they watch the clash while Barry takes shots of opportunity. They manage to capture a Polish officer alive. The Russian brigade passes and they attempt to right their transport and get back on the road. Rosenberg reveals that the German invasion is still supposed to be 4 days away and he has a new, portable radio. Josephine accidentally sets off one of the tanks she is checking out. Christoph salvages some extra fuel for them.

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