Operation Mithril Dragon

After partying it up the night before the mission, the team boards their ship, running final drills and checks before heading through the wormhole. They are spat out near the edge of the Chiss home system and stealthily approach their target as best they can. Gathering some intel in orbit, hanging onto a derelict station, they deploy a mini-satellite network and one of their experimental plasma nukes on a remote launch trigger.

As they enter the atmosphere to land, Barry secretly deploys the bio-agent. On the ground, they head toward the research complex, stopping to plant explosives on the Chiss’s jump gate to make sure it can be sabotaged, just in case. While there, they hear their nuke in orbit go off, whether from tampering or malfunction, they don’t know. As night falls, they keep moving. With the ships 72 hour clock ticking, they hit a patrol 7 hours in and keep moving and head south toward the physics lab of the research.

Roughly 8.5 hours in, they are searching the labs with the aid of some downloaded data from a computer. First they search for the personal shielding project or data about it. Sensor ghosts flicker across Johann’s sensorcomp, but they don’t find anything. When they find the prototype, they accidentally trip the testing process and take cover in the portable hole. Eventually the others override the process and get Kristolf and Johann out.

With no other projects of interest easily accessible, they move on towards their main objective. The team takes a 4 hour break in a storage closet. With Effy exhausted, they keep her in the portable hole for a few extra hours of sleep and move on.



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