Operation Mithril Dragon

Switching on the experimental drive system for a second time, Johann hopes to escape the Soviet fleet after their surprise attack. After about thirty seconds later, alarms blare as the drive encounters problems. Kristolph rushes to help Cristoph in Engineering because the drive won’t disengage. Their Polish engineer heads into the reactor to fix the problem. The power cuts out and the ship crashes into the water as the bubble collapses.

Water starts pouring into the ship from the buckled hull in the torpedo room, the galley and the Captain’s Quarters. While Effy freaks out, the crew quickly works to seal off the flooding and get the sub to the surface. They manage to get battery power up to begin repairs. Kristolph patches the hull with magic in time for them to get a radio warning from the Germans. As they submerge once more with the backup diesel engine a massive strike hits the surface.

With the sub pumping out water and barely under it’s own power, the German’s inform them over the radio that they will be extracted shortly. A massive metal construct descends from the sky. It has some Chiss colors and fires very impressive and loud weapon toward the Russian fleet. A fireball blossoms on the horizon as it fires again and the crew is ordered to the topside.

They are dematerialized and appear inside the ship, greeted by Chiss, welcoming them aboard the Havoc. The stolen submarine is beamed aboard also. The Chiss commander tells them they will be taken to base. While they travel, the team heads to the galley for a bite to eat.

After about an hour, they are led to a debriefing and transported into a room along the way. On the wall is a large screen, several weird chairs around a table. Skepticism abounds as they are informed they’ve been brought to a Chiss moonbase where a fleet is under construction to combat the Fallen fleet when it eventually arrives.

The team is given new orders, they will be helping to train forces for the coming war with the Fallen. The Chiss plan to end the war in it’s infancy and turns Earth’s combined might to build a fleet. Barry quickly realizes he’s just hit retirement after the shortest and greatest career in history.

While the Chiss admiral begins to inform them of deeply detailed technical concepts, Barry gets depressed and starts drinking. The idea that they will make pre-emptive strikes against the Fallen cheers him up a bit though. After a great deal of discussion, they begin 6 months of training. Afterward, they begin three years of training Earth’s forces, the Armada and defenses have flourished, Mars has been colonized and is being terraformed.

Finally, they are summoned to Fire Base Bravo on Pluto, hopefully for a mission. Upon arrival, they are greeted by the forces they’ve been training for the last few years. Barry takes a moment to get them riled up before going to their briefing.

The Fallen have moved forward, faster than expected and timetables are shifting. The team is being sent to the Chiss Homeworld to retrieve old research on a ZPEM while a fleet distracts the Fallen on the front lines.



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