Operation Mithril Dragon

After radioing ahead to Germany, the party sets out with their thunder of dragons. Barry sings Flight of the Valkyries for a great deal of the trip with musical accompaniment from Apollo the Dragon, playing on a giant violin. Later that day they break to rest in the Swiss mountains, monks head off to a nearby village to purchase cows to feed the dragons while the rest make camp. Barry lives up to his nickname “Goosey” by using his invisibility ring to sneak up and goose people at random.

The next morning Barry notices that they’ve gained some more dragons, Odin has rounded up some small feral mountain dragons to join their group. Rosenburg has been with Odin, talking and learning Draconic history. Following some invisible hi-jinx, the party sets out again toward home. Later in the day, they meet up with even more dragons, swelling the flock to 67 dragons. By the time they reach the edge of the mountains, they’ve accrued 147 dragons.

They make camp at the edge of the mountains, a day away from their destination. After being rebuffed by the Chiss captain to examine his weapons, Barry makes him a special bouquet. When he refuses the offer, Barry tries to give it to Effy, who pulls the pin and runs. Luckily Barry throws it clear of the camp. Barry promptly hands the pin to Cristof and goes invisible. Barry follows Rosenburg and they attempt, unsuccessfully to make contact over the radio. They hear some news and other German radio frequencies.

Finally they reach Germany, meeting with a German patrol at the border. The patrol leads the large thunder of dragons to an outpost where they report to the base commander and bivouac before heading on to Berlin. Effy puts her talents to work on an officer and robs him blind. The group sets off for Berlin in the morning, six of the feral dragons remain at the outpost.

A short break in the countryside and another half days travel sees the party to the capital. They head in for debriefing for the rest of the evening, finally getting back to their various quarters to sleep late that evening. Effy marries a demon in her sleep but hides the ring tattoo on her finger with a pair of nice gloves. Barry wakes up to find orders for the team and orders them to the range at 1pm for some practice before the briefing at 3pm.

Effy spends her morning pawning the ring she stole and trying to get a ring to hide her new tattoo. She fails to show up for their range training and Barry sends the MPs to find her. She does turn up for their briefing at 3.

At the briefing they learn Mercury has refused orders and wishes to remain with them. Unable to change the dragon’s mind, they are briefed on their next mission. They are all promoted one rank and paid for their last mission. The team is headed to Minsk to destroy a Russian shipyard where they are developing a new type of submarine. They will be transported by the teleportation device designed for the Night Hawk superweapon to avoid notice on the way in. They even give Barry carte blanche in the armory for the mission, making his day even better.

While Cristof builds a clockwork companion, the rest of the party prepares for the mission and they meet up the next day. They’re led to the secret facility in preparation for transport to Minsk. The scientists activate the machine and zap them across the continent to their destination. Some are more disoriented than others, but they arrive intact.


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