Operation Mithril Dragon

The Night Hawk delivery system drops the team in the woods a few miles out from their target. Appearing in deep woods, some of the team is slightly disoriented. Hearing a patrol coming, they set up a near ambush and wait. The Soviet patrol is wiped out in the ambush, the bodies hidden and useful gear looted.

The team moves a few miles west to scout the area better. With a detailed map from the owl automaton, they plan out a complex strike with mortars and distractions. Barry sneaks into the base, planting bombs in various important buildings. Not long after, Effy moves in for the distraction phase. She easily convinces them that a patrol has been butchered outside the base, which happens to be true. Seeing his teammate being brought into one of his target bombs, Barry moves in to find her.

Troops and vehicles begin to pour out of the base and Johann opens the attack with a rocket. Followed by mowing down motorbike troops with a well supplied machine and more rockets. Barry shanks the officer standing with Effy and they set up the Fire Strike beacon with 60 seconds. Meanwhile, another wave of troops head out to attack Johann, with little effect. Rockets and bullets fly, vehicles explode and burn while troops scramble to approach what they assume is a platoon sized element.

Cristoph waits for the signal with a list of strike coordinates. Effy and Barry sprint for the sub, hoping to steal it, as Barry didn’t have time to plant all the bombs. The beacon decimates the admin building and Cristoph drops mortars on the base. Troops finally begin returning fire on Johann while mortars take out the power plants. Barry radios his fire support to let them know the submarine may be their means of escape. Cristoph and Johann work together over the radios to keep the Soviets busy.

On the way to the sub, Barry slaps another bomb on a tower among the dry dock defenses, preparing to detonate the bombs hidden all over the base. Dusk was beginning to fall, but as most of the base explodes when Barry hits the detonator, it’s not that dark anymore. Smoke pours into the sky as the power plant is fully shut down. Cristoph uses magic to light up his bullets, creating a glowing field to prevent troops from hiding in the dark.

Mortars start falling on the motor pool next while Effy and Barry move to secure the submarine. When motorcycles try to flank, Johann drapes his portable hole over his back to protect him from incoming fire from guard towers, troops along the wall, and approaching vehicles. Before his position is overrun, he sweeps up his weaponry with the portable hole and moves out of the light, beginning his approach to the base.

Effy successfully sends several of the topside marines on the sub toward the gates with a believable bluff while Barry descends into the sub to go hunting. Some of the crew manage to sound an alarm, but a pile of bodies already surrounds the entrance room to the sub. Barry gets a million dollar wound trying to breach the command deck, but maintains cover with a handkerchief on the wound.

Johann has set up his machine gun on the wall, with advice from Effy, yells ‘Coward’ in Russian as he guns down soldiers trying to run. Cristoph has already abandoned his booby-trapped mortar nest and found a bike to get to base faster. Barry manages to sneak in once the crew in command stop shooting, and wastes them from behind, including a cook in hiding. Then moves further into the sub while Johann mows down Russians and Cristoph rides toward the base.

Deeper in the sub, Barry shanks another crewman in the torpedo battery and caps two more. He finds another half dozen in the reactor room, too spread out to annihilate easily. So he heads back to command and deactivates the alarm, then back to clean up the engine room.With a grazing wound on the calf, he eliminates the remainder, leaving one engineer unconscious before moving to finish clearing the sub.

Barry returns to Effy and calls her inside, using the radio to call the rest of the team to the sub for extraction. On the way to the sub, Cristoph and Johann attempt to gain some intel from the remaining intact Tesla towers. Some are guarded or booby-trapped, gaining them little and eventually they head straight to the sub. On their way, they gather what they can from fallen soldiers and reconointer at the sub.

The team looses the moorings and sets up the remaining bombs to make the dock appear destroyed, hoping no one will notice the missing submarine. Cristoph goes into the sub to figure out the vehicles operations while Barry and Johann set the explosives. Effy takes care of the engineer while the others work, who is no match for her feminine wiles.

The engineer quickly gets the ship up and running, helping Cristoph in command. The team gets the ship out of port and blows the charges, setting course for Germany, Cristoph taking technical command while Barry commands the crew. They swap tales of their success while Effy manipulates the engineer.

With the engineer converted to their side by Effy’s skill and feminine wiles, they set course for Germany and Barry drags bodies to the torpedo room, burying them at sea. The next day, Barry contacts command and they plan to attack and punch through the Soviet fleet between them and the port.

Plans are quickly made and they approach ready to attack. With the engineer on their side, they spread out their skeleton crew effectively. Once within range, they try to convince the Russians they’re still on their side.

A tense standoff ensues as they trick their way close into enemy ranks and fire all tubes. Evasive maneuvers ensue as they reload and fight for their survival, firing as torpedoes are loaded. Johann prays and commands Effy while Barry and Goggles work the torpedo bay. The team works furiously to reload, steer, fire and evade, engaging the Soviet fleet as best they can.

The enemy takes significant damage as the team’s captured sub closes, continuing to fire. Powering into the enemy fleet, they fire as quickly as they can, reloading heavy torpedoes at full speed and dodging depth charges. Their new engineer, Cristoph 2, gets them clear of the Soviet fleet with a top secret Super Cavitation drive.

Deceleration impact loads another two torpedoes and the team books it toward friendly lines with enemies at max range on the rear. The last load of torpedoes is set in place as they race towards friendly fleets. With another two torpedoes in the water, they hit their Super Cav drive again and head towards friendly waters at full speed.


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