Operation Mithril Dragon

Kristolf continues making repairs while the others try to keep busy as the ship limps towards the Zengali fleet. The rest of the crew keeps themselves busy, Barry performs maintenance on his weapons, Johann works and meditates and Effy tries to break out of her room. When the control panel alerts Barry, he gets someone to check and fix it. Creschens, aka Bugsy, removes the servo and goes to help Kristolf in engineering.

Moments later, Effy finds her door moves freely and attempts to storm the bridge. Luckily Barry is keeping an eye on it and locks down the crew quarters. Johann goes to visit her in an effort to calm her down when she retreats dejectedly to her room. Eventually he simply gives her a sedative to relax her for a while.

While they don’t feel hungry or need to go to the bathroom, some of the crew do eat anyway. When the drive is repaired, they attempt a short jump and find the drive is not quite operating correctly. So they cut the jump short and attempt to discover the problem. A missing rare element leads them to use some of their strange matter to boost the drive core. This results in a massive series of errors and the ship is catapulted across the universe at more than 100 times the speed of light.

When they finally manage to slow down, they detect two planets at either end of their fuel range. One with three moons and nomadic humanoids, the other with no moons and humanoids in the equivalent of the late dark ages. After waking Effy, they decide to head for the planet with moons and set out. The moons are almost identical, no atmosphere, no Helium-3, and negligible resources available on the surface. The planet appears to be mostly desert with very little water.

The party lands outside a city with the greatest mineral resources and sets out to the nearest life signs to gather some intel.



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